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Recommended Articles:

Mt. Zion Speech

We are often asked, Why the Reconciliation Walk? Why an apology for the Crusades, an event that happened so long ago. Can anyone really apologize for something that occurred at a time when our view of the world was so different from what it is today? Are we just opening old wounds? Can an apology really do any good . . . read more

Reflections on Reconciliation; An Introduction to Christians, Their Enemies and The Last Days

At the end of the first Christian millennium, apocalypse loomed over the New Testament church. Biblical signs were everywhere: Antioch was shaken with earthquakes, the moon was tinged red and the sun was darkened by volcanic activity . . . read more

Christianity and Islam: Raising the Question of Inherent Violence After September 11

We are here today to represent the concerns of sincere people of faith. Western Evangelical Christians on the one hand, and a diverse group of Middle Eastern believers on the other. Our ambitions today are modest. This symposium is meant to be a beginning. It is an opportunity to form relationships that will facilitate an ongoing conversation among a circle of friends, which we hope, will become larger while our understanding of one another becomes deeper . . .read more

Iraq Policy in Biblical Perspective

This statement on Iraq is made with the same conviction. We believe that it is possible to overcome a cycle of deepening violence and enmity in the Middle East. We ask you to weigh carefully the efficacy of Middle Eastern policy against the reality of lost life and the potential to reap the seeds of our misplaced faith in power and manipulation . . .read more

Recommended Books:

  • The Journey Toward Reconciliation by John Paul Lederach

  • Reconciling all Things by Emmanuel Katongloe and Chris Rice

  • The End of Days by Gershom Gorenberg

  • In the Footsteps of Our Father Abraham by Edited by Salim J. Munayer, Ph.D.

  • Journey Through the Storm by Salim J. Munayer, Ph.D.

  • The Challenge of Jesus by NT Wright

  • Cross and the Crescent by Colin Chapman

  • Christian Zionism by Stephen Sizer
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