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Once in a while ordinary people have an opportunity to do something
simple that can change the course of history.

The Reconciliation Walk began with a journey: a literal walk across the path of the first crusade. This time, however, the message was not of war or division, but of peace, forgiveness, and hope. By apologising to Muslims, Jews and Orthodox Christians for the atrocities committed by those claiming to represent Jesus, doors were opened to further understanding.

In a world that seems more unstable than ever, we seek to continue that journey of reconciliation. We are currently working with communities in conflict to establish dialogue and share Jesus' original message of loving your neighbour.

The Reconciliation Walk is a diverse network of Christians who desire to fulfill the biblical mandate for reconciliation and peace. Our emphasis is on restoring relationships across boundaries of civilization, nation, and culture, by addressing the mythologies and stereotypes that breed enmity.

By bringing people together at the grassroots, we wish to emphasize our common humanity. We resist characterizations of others that are dehumanizing, especially abstract labels that appear to remove others from membership in their God-given human family. We believe that each life is as valuable as the next, no matter on what side of the border the person was born. We believe that God is most highly glorified in man's humility, and that the cornerstone of humility is esteem for others.

Finally, we are a movement of faith; we do not believe that any rift is beyond repair. We repudiate the pessimistic assumption that violence is inevitable. Our faith is in a God who promises victory by redemption and reconciliation. We believe this promise.

This movement was born in response to the 900th anniversary of the Crusades, an epoch that represents the failure of the Church to embody Christ's ministry of reconciliation. Through an apology and thousands of face-to-face meetings between Western Christians and Muslims, Jews and Eastern Christians, we sought to erode the bitter legacy and mythologies of enmity that originated with the Crusades.

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