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Our Methods

  • IDENTIFICATION OF AND APOLOGIES for historical Christian offenses that affect relationships today.

  • IDENTIFICATION OF CONTEMPORARY behavior and ideologies that confuse national self-interest with the values of Jesus Christ; especially examples of such behavior and ideology that are explicitly supported as if they were morally Christian by ill-advised representatives of the Christian faith.

  • EDUCATION OF CHRISTIANS and followers of Christ who may then make better judgments in the future.

  • GRASSROOTS ENCOUNTERS between Western Christians and those who are alienated from Christ's faith. It is our conviction that introducing historical enemies in face-to face encounters contributes to peace and better understanding of each other and one another's faiths. Face-to-face encounters undermine historical myths and abstract constructions of enmity that permit violence against others when seen only as a group.

  • HUMANITARIAN SERVICE to others, especially historical enemies. Service emphasizes the human value of others.

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