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Our Objectives

  • TO AFFIRM that Jesus Christ is not the enemy of the peoples of the Middle East, to clarify his true nature to the people's of the Middle East.

  • TO CHALLENGE ideologies and actions which confuse Christ with nationalism, political power, military power, or domination.

  • TO CHAMPION actions demonstrating the nature of Christ's non-worldly kingdom: acts of service in place of domination, and self-sacrifice in place of self-interest.

  • TO UNMASK mythologies of enmity that developed as a result of historical Christians who did not fulfill the vision of Christ's Kingdom, who instead acted as a self-interested, dominating, coercive worldly power.

  • TO HUMANIZE RELATIONSHIPS. Jesus Christ emphasized the value of humanity as created in the image of God. Humility and compassion toward one another preceded ideological, national or religious judgment in Christ's relationship models. He described authority that serves and dies for the human, rather than demanding that people serve a corporate hierarchy or ideology.

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